What Sleep?

So this happened, a little after 6.30pm:

Jacky Boy

Jackson Luciano Lynes. That is all.

Due Date

Mein Gott! Seven weeks and counting.

The house, in a slightly surreal vision of the future, is littered with child things.

Onesies, burping cloths, stuffed animals, bum cream, etcetera.


New Position: Associate Editor with Ghostwoods Books.

associate /əˈsoʊʃieɪt, əˈsoʊsieɪt/ v., /əˈsoʊʃiət, əˈsoʊsiət/ n., adj. –v. (–ated, –ating)

–n. 9. someone with a lower rank of membership in an association.

Still, looks better on my resume than Dish Pig at Starbucks.
And Ghostwoods are good peoples. In fact, in an industry populated by narcissistic lunatics and Amazon mega-corporations that want to fuck you (yes, really), they’re some of the best.