Silverwater CoverAfter narrowly escaping a custodial sentence, Aidan Rolfe is trying to keep his head down, which is not as easy as it seems. As if food shortages, mass unemployment and police brutality aren’t enough, mysterious graffiti of a red hand is appearing everywhere on the streets of Sydney. The fanatical are predicting the apocalypse, the authorities are worried about a revolution, and his friends are getting caught up in the hysteria.

But is it, as some commentators claim, all political misdirection?

Energy conglomerate The Constant Group have got their Silverwater plant locked down like a war zone, and residents in surrounding areas have been quietly and forcefully removed from their homes. Conspiracy theories are rife: government complicity, strange discoveries in asteroid mines, and an underground resistance called The Red Hand.

It’s all getting a little out of control, and when a bomb goes off at a protest rally, Aidan Rolfe finds himself, and his quiet local pub, in the thick of it, and his chances of keeping out of trouble getting slimmer by the moment.

Written by Gethin A. Lynes, and featuring the thoughtful, moody art of Mariann Brull, Silverwater is a tale of power, intrigue and other simple things like love, friendship and betrayal.

It’s also a work in progress. Still.

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