Red Phone Box

RPBThe bastard brain-child of the inimitable, and slightly bent, Salome Jones, Red Phone Box “is a monster made of words by 28 Dr. Frankensteins”1.

Like Frankenstein’s tragic creation, Red Phone Box is an abomination, a wholly unnatural beast that should have no right to exist. The work of those twenty eight Frankensteins, literary reprobates of varied and (no doubt) sordid backgrounds, is stitched together with, at times, the most tenuous of threads. And yet, somehow, it holds.

A testament to the editorial capabilities of Ms Jones, Red Phone Box features the work of an array of talented authors including, obviously, Gethin A. Lynes, some guy called Warren Ellis, and a bunch of other randoms of a greater or lesser disreputable nature.

This is a story cycle, a dark interweaving of tales that stretches across London, across centuries, and across worlds.

1 – Frankenstein reference by Richard Kadrey, courtesy of Ghostwoods Books.

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