crouching Geth (big)

Gethin Lynes is a novelist, comics writer and a general peddler of parables. He edits fiction, non-fiction, semi-fiction and, well, just about anything that involves words, including government publications, all manner of hippy psuedo-science, and the odd letter complaining about the amount of air they’re selling in bags of potato chips these days.

Having lived in such exotic locales as Old Bonalbo, NSW and Worton, Maryland, he is now holed up in the wilds of New Jersey with his wife, their toddling dictator, and two cats, where his shameless cynicism, love of expletives and uncanny talent for speaking before thinking tend to get him in trouble.

He has a tendency to ignore his writing, and anything else that smacks of actual work, in favour of riding motorcycles, drinking too much and waxing profound about the devolution of the human race.

He is author, in part, of Red Phone Box, Cthulhu Lives!, and Cthulhu Lies Dreaming… amongst other half-finished bits and pieces.

He can be found lurking around the interwebs at:

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